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Notice of health & risk awareness: Due diligence is best practice in consumption and transmission of contents by electronic media.

The Product as worldwide disclosed, marketed, displayed and exposed in any means is the music. And just the music in any of its manifested forms and its accompanying contents of visuals, names, text and other compositions of intellectual properties and in any kind of presentation, display, exposure, availability or other forms of witness-able contents and media. All the music and any of its products and contents including the artists and entities as mentioned below are a sole, individual product and products of intellectual property and performance not in public displayed as persons, persons in privacy or persons as celebrity. The Product of celebrity is separated from the product of music in any means and is separately marketed and managed not in relation with the music contents and products in any means not withholding any privacy.

The consumption of any contents is not granted in the case of any evocations of hate, falsification, miss-will, conspiracy or activity of directing any response of material or physical kind to any human being and being at all or and to any of the persons, artists or entities involved or exposed in the contents as all contents are strictly a product of music and intellectual property of commercial kind not representing or extroverting any physical private person or persons. The same is the case for all intellectual property of celebrity separate from any music product.

All contents are witness-able in the means of consumption and not conversion of any intellectual subjects, quintessential or essential intellectual property as defined, undefined or derived in or from any contents in any form of exposure or and transmission.

. All contents and intellectual properties are provided as is by any means as they are and not as they are interpreted, misunderstood, abbreviated, otherhow imagined, anyhow falsified or by any means as they are not. Any misleading, abbreviating or falsified representations about or of the contents or intellectual properties are not granted and do not represent the contents and intellectual properties. The contents and intellectual properties are as is solely as initially and originally provided by the creator of the contents and intellectual properties. The contents and intellectual property is as is solely expressive and one directive in consumption. Conversational processes or other forms of interaction with the contents and the intellectual property with any of its performances is not intended, not granted and not possible due to being a solely one directive reproducible manifest by any form of media. In the case of licensed sequential reproduction of manifest with or without interactive proportion the original intellectual property and its performance in manifest regardless of the type of media is solely one directional as initially created and publicized in its full and original length. In any case any intellectual property is only consumable one directive from the creator and it's publicizing entities to the consumer and are not changeable or abbreviateable from its initial and or original publicized state in any of its intellectual property and performances in manifest. All reproduction of any contents is due to the consumer sole evaluation in the consumer appetite and limited to the consumption itself. All reproductions for consumption by other parties and entities as legally licensed and any issue thereof as any consumer sentiment thereof is to be directed to such reproducing parties and entities according to applicable consumer laws. In any case any form of reproduction by any party or entity is not granted to cause any form of harm or violation of the physical or mental health. Reproduction without applicable license is not granted and not legal. Reproduction does not mean imitation or abbreviation or altering or mirroring or covering or bootlegging or misleading and solely refers to the display or exposure of original content.
Imitations, falsifications or abbreviations for commercial, public and private exposure, misleading, conflicting or corrupting purposes are not granted.

The sole reaction to the content and intellectual property in the case of consumer discomfort is not to consume the content and intellectual property In the means of non engagement in consumption and discontinuance of consumption. In any case there exists no relation between the producer, creator, performer or inventor of any contents or intellectual property due to any form of consumption of any of the content and intellectual property in manifest or not in manifest.

All remunerations for consumption in any form and type of media are in units of the worlds monetary currencies as applicable by each country and as such solely as authorized and licensed to media and consumers by the creator thru the publicizing entities. All remunerations are in units of the worlds monetary currencies as digitally transferable by natural resource saving paper-free electronic financial transfer standards. All currencies and its valuations are not to cause or be derived from any slavery, unmoral conduct, human trafficking, violence, harm, pain, criminality, human abuse, abuse of animals or and any other abuse and or violation of the natural healthy state of living and reliant or individual biological being.

Consumer sentiment and feedback:

The sole form of response and feedback to any contents is digital and further by non programmed electronic mail, e mail to the Righteous May Be* rights, law & legal relations services provided "fan club" as defined following:

Except of standardized digital networks as digital content streaming services, digital audio stores its networks and social media networks as authorized in strictly non material non physical form.
All feedback to external broadcast, press and media coverage of any of the artists , entities and contents is to be directed to the issuer of such broadcast, press and media coverage as legally authorized.

The Righteous May Be* provided fan club.
The official fan club for any and all responses, feedback and inquiries by paper-free natural resource saving electronic mail only. The fan club provides an e mail only incoming mail system. There is no guarantee for any response or any customized response. The fan club contacts may or may not in sole discretion select eligible or all contacts for automated or automated new technology implemented newsletters. This is The fan club is the only means of feedback for any of the artists and contents and entities as mentioned below and is restricted to non programmed electronic mail "e mail " only.
All artist, entities related content is not related to the fan club. All social media releases are not related to the fan club. The fan club is not related with any of the artists, contents and entities as mentioned below But can and don't must issue above described newsletters in regard-to, or forwarding-from any news of or about the artists, contents and entities as mentioned below. Social media releases in regard to the fan club might or might not in its sole discretion be released solely and secluded by content in regard to the fan club itself, In Reference to the existence of the fan club or its performance in posts that can be shared or included in social media, news or e mail Without any right to any such statements by any contacts registered in the fan clubs registry. There is further no requirement or guarantee of the fan club to entertain any registry at all.

Time Being Incorporated and its main product the timebeingincorporated music playlist is the main destination for social media releases For all the artists, contents and entities as mentioned below.

. The Righteous May Be * fan club: fanclubservices(@)***(dot)com All terms apply. -- currently not available --

Notice: timebeingincorporated playlists and social media the official source for social media releases.

For any further interests visit the official artist sites with the music provider of choice as applicable.

The social media source for all artists, contents and entities is Time Being Incorporated

The official site for all artists, contents and entities of the Music Earth Group MEG collective: Angel Music Earth, Love Music Earth and Kkirevolve Music Earth is www.angelmusicearth.com
All the artists and entities include all artists and entities of the Music Earth Group MEG collective: Angel Music Earth, Love Music Earth and Kkirevolve Music Earth.

* Righteous May Be is a provider of rights, law & legal relations services.

Individual creativity, invention, intellectual property and intellectual freedom:

The creative content and its products are from the moment of invention to the manifested form created, invented and produced in sole intellectual creativity by. One person as the sole inventor and creator of the intellectual construction and the creation of ideas, concepts and contents as developed and in parts as manifested and non-manifested. All content and its entire creative process from the moment of non-existence to the moment of existence is 100% by one person, the sole intellectual and manifesting inventor and creator as with each artist and the entire content thereof. This is the case with all the artists published and publicized in sole creativity from non-existence to existence of any contents. This includes all artists of the Music Earth Group MEG collective: Angel Music Earth, Love Music Earth and Kkirevolve Music Earth. It is also in entirety the case with all the intellectual invention from non-existence to existence of the names concepts, creator and inventor-ship Of the names, concepts, ideas, performance, lifestyles, labels, entities and groups of the Music Earth Group MEG collective: Angel Music Earth, Love Music Earth and Kkirevolve Music Earth. All products and ideas are each from non-existence to existence created by 1 person, one sole creator for each of the artists, labels and entities amounting to the many creative, interactive, visual and music products as published, publicized and manifested worldwide by the names and entities as mentioned in this statement. The same intellectual property preferences are active for this legal statement itself. Supporting, protecting, stipulating and remaining the individual creativity, invention, production and intellectual property of all the artists and entities as mentioned in this statement.

Non government affiliation disclaimer and intellectual freedom manifestation statement:

All content, creator and inventor-ship for each one artist and entity is in sole one person inventor and creator-ship each in its sole individual expression without any relations in or regarding its process of invention and creation to and with any governments, country representatives, institutions, second or third and additional parties or any other form of entities. Protecting intellectual freedom and its manifestation and publication against abuses in the name and claim of national security of any government and entity. Further seeking to monument, superior and extend the unlimited manifest of intellectual property of intellectual freedom in remain possibly publicized and to the entire extent unrestricted in treasury as a personal property of manifested intellectual freedom with universal effect against any judgement of any human being, artificial intelligence or groups, entities and governments in existence With immediate effect. In addition and finally is the corruption by social civil national and international structured proof falsifying strategies as much as physical and psychological tactics against individual creators, inventors, human beings at all and the intellectual truth, intellectual freedom and its intellectual properties entirely to erase from existence including in any application by any human being, artificial intelligence, group, entity and government with final and immediate effect.

Non violence, non discrimination and non abuse statement:

All creative content and intellectual property is 100% intended to be non violent, non discriminational and non abusive. All content and intellectual property is intended to inspire to a non violent, non discriminational and non abusive environment and world without limitations. References to violence, discrimination and abuse are where applicable intended solely to contemporarily Consciously erase unmoral impressions and its presence in the civilization and world Extending the freedom of speech to an unlimited scape of topics. Clearly and solely Intended to erase any violence, discrimination and abuse in civilization and the world to the extent of entirety. All creative content and intellectual property are invented, created, performed and produced in celebration, effort and estate of the good and non-harmful ever creating positive energy of life. Non restricted thru all scapes of life in lively expression of individual and intellectual freedom of non violated, natural healthy life with or without the inclusion and or use of technology. All the artists and entities mentioned in this statement do not support any form of psychological, soulful or physical violence discrimination and abuse of any kind in any means and To any extent in entirety and at no time in no moment in no part and by no sequence of any of the intellectual property, performance, lifestyle, impression, expression, action and or any forms of being to the extent of entirety.

The artists and entities include all artists and entities of the Music Earth Group MEG collective: angel Music Earth, Love Music Earth and Kkirevolve Music Earth.

The music, creative, intellectual property entities, labels and groups:

Music Earth Group MEG:
Angel Music Earth
Love Music Earth
Kkirevolve Music Earth

The word mark Music Earth Group MEG is intended to be written in standard capitalization for Music Earth Group and upper case letters for MEG.
Above is the original intended form of writing for the stated names and entities and can appear in other cased forms based on technologies abilities to display casing.

All names and entities are intellectual property and are legally protected.

All rights are active.

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