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Parable rich, honest and true to life rap music.

Rikk Love is emotion in rap.

The rapper meets the moral challenges of today with a soulful virtue of clarity.
In the decision of how to appear to the public he chooses the word love to reflect his strive
to goodness and inspiration for morality throughout his music.
The lyrics present a series of parables in which the listener can find himself consciously challenged
to the outcome of judgement.
His writing contains up to entire sentences cross-rhyming themselves revealed in unique
performances that are as technical as direct and humane.
The cutting edge definition of drumming meets soulfully expressed instrumentation to define
the scenic environment to his testament of rap in this pop music.
A story of life can be received in at times almost 3-dimensional matrixes of words.
The flash of the moment is only sometimes derived by complex concepts of arrayed thoughts
in his rhyme, never to loose that very morale at gross.
With changing themes, chanting choruses and altering vibes the trip through his music is a one of a kind.

Rikk Love



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